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Ok, so he doesn’t actually have wishes other than “things to chew on,” but I have plans anyhow. I’m sure he’s going to be showered with 9,877 toys from his various relatives, so I’m focusing on a few really nice things. I don’t know what Santa has in store, but this is what Mama is bringing for her Whuff.

(Yeah, Christmas is a long way off – but hey! This was an excuse to use Polyvore for pretty much the last thing it was intended for, which brought me a small amount of joy.)


Mr. Whuffle's Wishlist.

IKEA Rens, $30
Green Toys Recycling Truck, $25
Amazon.com: Plan Toys Cone Sorting: Toys & Games, $25
Amazon.com: Plan Toys Dancing Alligator: Toys & Games, $15
Amazon.com: Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic: Toys & Games, $15