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I shouldn’t have trusted the auto ISO setting on my camera. I went to the “trouble” of using my DLSR (which, um, I hadn’t touched in 3mos. This is a testament to the power of the iPhone and the joy of Instagram.) and 90% of my photos were unsalvagably blurry. And I’m pretty good at salvaging blurry photos. Yeargh. At least I’ve learned my lesson in time for Christmas! Here’s at least a small pictoral presentation of our very laid back Whuffs-giving.

As you can see, Whuff had a small little feast of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. He enjoyed them all pretty much equally – which is to say he was kind of indifferent to them. He’ll get mashed potato again for Christmas with my parents (on the 10th! Gourd, that’s just two weeks away!) as well as the World’s Tiniest Swedish Meatball. Because that’s pretty much what he is, a little Swedish meatball. He may be half Portuguese, but those Swedish genes just couldn’t be stopped to look at this blue eyed boy.

We really had a lovely day and the food was awesome. I’ve also learned a very important lesson in holidays with a baby – next time, I’m getting a microwaveable plate instead of using the fancy china as by the time I got to eat my own food, it was a little bit cold. Oh well. It was still covered in gravy, which is really the important part!