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I Draw: Probably not Tom Petty’s intent when he wrote the lyrics to Wildflowers (you belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere close to me) … but here we are, I see fetuses everywhere.


He Draws: Lots of splattery marks on the paper lately. And his hands. And for a brief shining moment this afternoon before mom rudely stepped in with a wipe, his face.


He’s also been putting so much on each page the past week or so that it looks like he’s some kind of deprived child whose parents won’t give him a second piece of paper, but really, it’s just that his process requires a lot of working over the same space. Because he’s making a statement about the complicated nature of modern life. Or because toddlers are weird.

I Draw Some More: While I was working on fetal wildflowers, P was entranced by it and kept pointing and saying “FOWWWW! FOWWWWW!” (flower) Which made me want to draw even more flowers. And of course, we can’t draw together without background music, and of course, with me it only takes so long before the background music returns to R.E.M. and so, in homage to one of P’s favorite songs… Gardening At Night.

First, a few process shots to illustrate my ridiculousness. Much like Michael Pemulis’ Paranoid King*, I should have my own poster declaring “It’s needlessly complicated, but is it needlessly complicated *ENOUGH*?”

* Ten points if you catch the reference. Points are cumulative, so please keep careful track of your score.


The following represents the entire second season of House of Cards, plus three episodes of Game of Thrones. Let it not be said that I don’t know how to multitask. I get two free hours per night, if I’m gonna watch something, I’m gonna be productive while doing it.

Actually, I’m really a huge nerd and watch something as “background noise” while drawing because it passes the time between each fiddly little dot best that way. Because boy howdy, there are a lot of fiddly little dots.