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Around the time I got pregnant, Paulo decided that he was done napping. No more. THE END. This was a joyous coincidence that just thrilled me to absolutely no end. He’s not too young by any means – I had just hoped and prayed, as all mothers of young children do, that nap would last forever (and please just ten minutes longer) as the entire fabric of my wellbeing depended on it. For a while, he would do “quiet time” during his previous nap time and just play in his room and I could at least lie down depending on how QUIET this time actually was. 

And then being alone in his room for an hour (with his bear, crackers, a water bottle, and his Thomas the Tank Engine “learning tablet”) was like being put into solitary and motions were being filed about my wanton disregard for the Geneva Conventions and that was the end of that. 

I happened to stumble upon a solution wherein I could indeed trick him into falling asleep and thus get a few minutes of rest myself. I happened upon The Method by accident, but it turned out to be a consistent winner. Grocery Store + 3PM = Nap. So many times he would fall asleep before we even got out of the elevator. It got to be that I structured our lives around going to the grocery store at 3PM every single day because without that nap, neither one of us would be sane come dinner time. 

I use the past tense because the past few days leave me to believe the spell has been broken. Such is the end of a beautiful, peaceful era wherein I heard snores from the stroller and not cries for “AIIIIIISEEEEEESSSS” (raisins) This era was so successful that the first time The Method failed, the cashier actually looked at me aghast: “HE’S AWAKE?!” Yes, I know. Not my intent. 

So successful was The Method in its heyday that it was even employed in the middle of a Nor’Easter. That’s right. I’m the pregnant mother desperate enough to get her toddler to sleep for a damn hour that I will walk to the grocery store in the middle of a blizzard if that’s what it takes. May the photographic proof of this enterprise serve as a tribute to The Method and the last gasps of Paulo’s napping career.

In other news: pregnancy is galloping right along and it looks like our grocery shopping habits will be changing shape in other ways as the same gestational diabetes diagnosis I had with my pregnancy with P is on the horizon again. I’ve already failed the 1hr test and while I don’t have my 3hr test results back yet, I’m going to go ahead and guess they aren’t great. It’s really just cruelly unfair that I’ve had one hell of a sweet tooth this pregnancy and I’m staring down giving up sugar for thirteen weeks. The things I do for you, babies. The things I do. Uphill to the grocery store in a snowstorm to buy Crystal Light. All for you, babies. All for you.

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