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I’m no good at limbo. Never have been. I can’t stand the in betweens. I get twitchy. Squirrelly. I have trouble keeping focused on anything for too long when things are not quite *this* and not quite *that.* And right now… I’m 9 weeks from meeting this BabyGirl and there is just so much in between happening and my coping mechanism has been to tread lightly – step softly. Don’t rock the boat. And so, it’s been a very, very quiet month.

(And as I am learning, P was active from moment one and was like being pregnant with an octopus on meth – and this… this BabyGirl is my quiet girl. This pregnancy has brought stillness. I can feel her pull inward, and I can see her retreat in on herself on the ultrasounds, and I retreat inwards to be with her.)

We did allow a little wild rumpus for a certain young Whuffle to turn 3. Which. How is that even legal that my tiny baby is three years old?! The whuffle noise he made the first day of his life, for which he has been pseudonymed, the little newborn whuffle that he did instead of crying – well, he still does it except now it’s this great whuffle of joy. It’s the noise he makes when he sees a bowl of ice cream or a new toy train. It’s the best noise. We haven’t been able to ever capture it, but I’ll always remember it. I’ll remember my tiny, tiny newborn whuffling at me because he was hungry – and I’ll remember my little three year old man whuffling with glee over his birthday cake.

(A cake which, PS, he did not eat. But man was he ever excited about the IDEA of cake.)

And oh, I did take other photos of things like Irish flags on St. Patrick’s Day and little Buddha statues in my neighborhood – but let’s face it. We’ve got very important Whuffles to catch up on.

(And to catch up, a little follow up to my last entry way back when: I did somehow by the grace of Dog pass my 3hr glucose test. No gestational diabetes this time around! I’ve been practically rolling in cupcakes. And Cadbury creme eggs, for lo, it is the most wonderful time of the year.)








Ok, so when I showed some friends the ultrasound photo of BabyGirl they said “She looks exactly like Paulo!” and I thought “Huh, well, she looks like a squidgy alien to me.” But putting them next to each other? Yeah, my babies look pretty alike. MY BABIES WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. MY BABIES!!!!!!!! I am so very excited to have them both on the outside. Soon, so very soon.